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Solitaire Victory - Free Games


SolitaireV contains a lot of popular classic card games.There are a lot of games such as Solitaire, Klondike and FreeCell which you could play in Windows.You could enjoy the best card games on your Android Phones and Android Tablets.*** FEATURES ***- A lot of games in a single app- Touch and drag cards by intuition- Landscape mode in some games- Choose card’s stock position(left or right)- Choose favorite card’s design and background- Set up your own background from your favorite images- Record your scores automatically in each of games- Help instruction is available in English and Japanese- Undo function is available in some games
*** GAME LIST: 125 kinds of games ***- Klondike(3 games)- Half Klondike(2 games)- Double Klondike(3 games)- Triple Klondike(2 games)- FreeCell(2 games)- Double FreeCell(2 games)- Baker's Game(2 games)- Pyramid(5 games)- Monte Carlo(2 games)- Aces Up(2 games)- Calculation- Royal Marriage- Golf(3games)- Flower Garden(2 games)- Yukon- Double Yukon- Triple Yukon- Russian Solitaire- Double Russian- Triple Russian- Amazons(2 games)- Accordion- Canfield(2 games)- Double Canfield(3 games)- Rainbow(3 games)- Trigon- Double Trigon- Scorpion- Double Scorpion- Joker Klondike- Joker Double Klondike- Indian- Red and Black(2 games)- Thieves of Egypt(2 games)- Baker's Dozen- Batsford- Spider(6 games)- Alaska(2 games)- Eight Off- Concentration(2 games)- Shamrocks- Fifteen Puzzle- Raglan- King Albert- Thirteens- Fan- Limited- Forty Thieves- Four Seasons- Simplicity- Carlton- Lady Jane- Cruel- Josephine- Inquisitor- La Belle Lucie- Gaps(2 games)- Montana- Maze- Australian Patience- Sea Towers- Penguin- Interchange- Unlimited- Beleaguered Castle- Simple Simon- Clock- East Haven(2 games)- Harp- Five Piles- Steps- Royal Family- Little Forty- Tri-Peaks- Thumb and Pouch- Carpet(2 games)- Queenie- Black Hole- Blockade- Eagle Wing- Thirty-Six- Twenty-Four- Fifteen Rush- Osmosis- Exit- Canister- Aces and Kings- Twenty
*** NOTICE ***When you send us any reports and suggestions, please let us know your devices, OS versions, name of games, and details about the troubles or suggestions. Thank you.